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Ah, the blue floors.  Some people grow to like them, but I have never yet met anybody who on very first look said, "That is beautiful! Why aren't all boats like this!"

We think we were lucky, we found an older model Super Maramu in excellent condition that has wood floors.  If we had ended up with a newer model with blue floors, we would likely have found a way to live with them, although the esthetics of that choice would not have made my eyes happy.  If I REALLY wanted to change away from the blue, I would likely have gone to a paint in a more favorable color rather than the hassle and expense of wood.

I have had boats where I completely redid wood floors, with solid wood. It is a difficult and expensive project, but one I thought well worth it for a look I liked.  Others would disagree. Only you can say if the blue floors are objectionable enough to you to change, and what the best replacement look would be for you. 

Changing the aft berth to an island...  that is a very different story.  It is major rebuild of the aft cabin.  Much structural work would need to be done--and done by someone who had a good understanding of the way the boat was built. Unlike others, I never sleep on the aft berth underway.  That is what the pilot berth is for, and it is a better solution--for me. I would actually much prefer an island berth in the aft cabin, but it is not a change that I have ever entertained because of the complexity involved.  I am not sure there is even room to do a good job of it. The berth as it is goes from bulkhead to bulkhead.  Without moving a bulkhead, how would you get room to get around an island berth? (Do not even think about trying to move a bulkhead!)

Every boat (even an Amel!) is a long series of design compromises.  You get this, and give up that. When you are boat shopping, the key is to find the boat designed and built by the people who made the same compromises that you would have, in most every case. Trying to force fit your idea of the perfect boat into an existing hull can turn into a very expensive and frustrating project.

Bill Kinney
SM #160, Harmonie
Bar Harbor, Maine

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Hi SM 2000 owners,


did anybody try to get rid of this wonderful blue floor? What is the best way to change it into a wooden surface?


Has somebody experience with  installinng  an island berth in the aft cabin?

Thank you for helping, I am searching for a SM 2000 in nothern Europe…


Uwe Volkmann

Amel Maramu



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