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"The only thing the FDA says will stop mal de mer is the electronic Relief Band"  

I do not quite know what that means.  A number of products have been FDA approved for safety and effectiveness in treating seasickness. Scopolamine and meclizine are just two of them. 

It is a "little bit true" to say, "the relief band is the only device approved by the FDA to treat seasickness" but the FDA has NOT approved the effectiveness of the Relief Band, just its safety. 

In fact, the FDA hasn't even REALLY approved it for safety by looking at any data.  They cleared it for sale because it was "substantially similar" to a product that was marketed before approval for such devices was required. I know the company's marketing says "FDA Cleared" but that is very careful marketing double-speak.  Note the careful avoidance of the word "Approved."

Of course that does not mean it does not work, just that it has not been really evaluated by the FDA.

I did a lot of research into this partly because I am always interested in products that work "like magic" and partly because I have glaucoma and can not take scopolamine or several of the other antiemetics. Fortunately, I don't often suffer from seasickness myself, but it would be nice to have something on board I could give to anybody and not worry about side effects, or drug interactions.

I was never able to find any data to decide if the Relief Band really worked better than a placebo, or not. They don't reference any published studies of effectiveness, and that always raises a red flag to me. On the other hand a lot of people swear by it.  It is certainly one of those things that "it can't hurt to try, it's only money!" 

Motion sickness is a really, really tough condition to really study.  Nobody has looked harder at it than NASA, and as far as I could find, the technology behind the relief band didn't make their cut, so they never quite convinced me that they should get my money!

Bill Kinney
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The only thing the FDA says will stop mal de mer is the electronic Relief Band.  It's used for post op nausea, and nausea of pregnancy (hyperemesis gravidarum).  They zap your wrist every second.  Sounds like hocus pocus, but I bought two several years ago for friends and family.  I've put them on 9 people so far. 6 got complete relief almost immediately, one got partial relief, and two got no relief.

I recommend scopolamine, Relief Band, and Meclizine, staying above deck, and staying hydrated.  So far I haven't had anyone on that regimen who stayed sick for days.

Kent (internal medicine/anesthesiology)

Kent Robertson
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