Charging batteries

Patrick McAneny

My SM is on the hard for the winter,I only have 110 ac available to
me.When I run the onboard charger the breaker behind the distribution
panel trips.Sometimes it does'nt trip for like an hour or so and during
that time the charger is charging.Does anyone know what my problem may
be?Could it be that the 110v is 60hrz.,would that trip the breaker?I
have contacted a large dist.of stand alone chargers for
24v.batteries,and it sounds as though there is'nt a charger out there
that will handle 8 batteries.I could purchase a charger with 4 leads
and charge 2 batteries per lead.However this charger would cost about
$600.00.If anyone has a cheaper solution or advice as to how best to
charge on the hard I'd appreciate it. Thanks,Pat SM 123

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