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Pat Wrote: "-- ever this charger would cost about $600.00. If anyone has a
cheaper solution or advice as to how best to charge on the hard I'd appreciate it.
Thanks,Pat SM 123"

Pat, I failed to mention my solution to this problem. A couple of years ago we
were going on the hard in a yard that did not have power available (Nanny Cay.
Tortola). I wanted to keep the batteries up so I purchased three flexible solar
panels (I forget the wattage, but minimal) for about $125 each. Two I wired in
series to get 24 volts for the house batteries, and one I left as 12 volts for the
starting battery. I bought a 24 volt controller and a 12 volt controller then
installed all this. It took a day or so to wire it all up with some quick
disconnect plugs going behind where my cables entered for my TwinScope
sonar unit on the port side of the cockpit.

When I go on the hard or leave the boat in a marina for a period of time, I place
these three panels on my foredeck, tie them down and run the cable to the quick
connects that are wired to the controllers and then to the batteries.
They have kept my batteries at 100% without overcooking them for about 4
years now, (intermittently of course as we remove them when aboard the
boat). They even keep the batteries up with the auto timer I installed to flush
the watermater with fresh water three times a week when off the boat so I
don't have to pickle the water maker.

I would guess the entire setup was about $600 USD so it isn't cheaper
but it has worked well and doesn't require me to leave the boat plugged in
long term in marinas with attendant stray current problems or when on the


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