Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Modified SM Prop Shaft Seal Bush


I think someone else posted that Amel had been experimenting with stainless WOBs but had not had enough time yet to evaluate them.

I've made a couple of posts on the experimental stainless WOB that Amel Iinadvertantly?) sent me. You can search for the posts including responses.  I finally put the WOB on about a year ago in Marmaris, Turkey (August, 2016) and will probably run it until I detect water in the reservoir. 

These are excerpts from 2 previous postings I made on this.  THE PICS ARE  A WOB AS RECEIVED FROM AMEL!

In March, 2014 I ordered and received FROM AMEL a bronze wearing out 
bearing that had a sort of Speedi-Seal stainless/inox facing on the 
surface that the seals go over. I have posted detailed pics at Dropbox

Mystery solved!  I just got off the phone with Maud (ordering new parts including an additional spare for my spare prop WOB (I admit it, like lots of us I carry 2 spares of certain items).  

I asked her about the unusual WOB that I had received more than a year ago and described it (bronze with stainless or chromed steel face).  She explained to me that it was a "test" from Amel to see if it would prolong the life of the part. She said that several were sent out for this purpose and asked me how it was doing.  I have not installed it but promised I would report back.  Here, again are pics of the part   Amel Test WOB (4 photos)    Bob Rossi SM 429 KAIMI

Like many of us I ordered the WOB after I installed one and then waited 2 years... I finally installed the Amel stainless WOB a year ago in Marmaris around 8/2016.  I have not heard of another owner receiving the test WOB but there was a posting regarding Amels testing of these with a note that not enough time had elapsed to reach a conclusion.

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