Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Charging batteries

Patrick McAneny

Gary, I have my boat in storage in Maryland.The only power available is 110v
which would be 60 herzt.I do have a step up transformer.I don't know the gauge
of the cable but it is hardwired into the electical system,I assume by
Amel.The cable is approx.50 feet long, however the outlet ,I plug into is perhaps
200 ft. from the boat yards panel.I take from what you said, that if there is a
significant voltage drop, that could explain the breaker tripping.Is that
correct?The battery monitor that came with the boat does'nt work,I need to replace
it.I bougth the boat a year ago today and have been using a multi-meter.I
don't have a great understanding of electrical systems,especially 220v and 24v
systems,not good for an Amel owner,110-12v not a problem.The Amel has more
complicated systems than my previous boats and Iam having a little problem climbing
the learning curve.So ,I appreciate owners taking the time to help me sort
things out. Pat McAneny SM 123

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