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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon Ryan,

Your configuration is totally normal.
If you feel the fan when running the generator, it means your 220 Volt fan is working.
If you do not feel air when the engine is running and your breaker/Diruptor are on, it means likely the fan died (I had to replace mine 4 years ago) - just in case check that you can measure 12 Volt to the wires, if you can, then definitely the fan has died.

On my link, you will find all the explanation of the engine fans, including a picture of the SM2K Owner Manual:

You have 3 blowers.

2 fans for Extraction: 1 is 220 Volt and 1 is 24 Volt and they will send the air to the same exhaust (which is on the Port side outside the cockpit (picture on the link).

The 220 Volt works with the Generator, while the 24 Volt works with the engine (and as you will see is connected to the 12 Volt starting battery). (Olivier explained to us, it was so they last longer, see what he wrote below)

the last fan is for “Suction” or “intake” and has the air intake behind the Amel Logo:
pictures on

That 24 Volt is also connected to the 12 Volt starting battery of the engine.

For your information.
The intake is a Jabsco 35440-0010 250 CFM Blower
The Exhaust is a FASCO 24 Volt 2807-513-122 --- 93004-2815
The Jabsco 35440-0010 will last 1000 hour
But you can replace it with the Jabsco 35770-0094 (same performance ) but will last 5000 hours

Here is what Olivier explained to us about the 24 volt fans on 12 Volt circuit.

Good morning,

since 1989, the engine room fans (on SMs and 54s) are 24V ones, running with 12V. This was designed on purpose, in order to make their life longer. In fact, if you install 12V fans, they will constantly run with 14V+ (because of the engine alternator) and will quickly quit (after 200 hours).
The fans run as soon as you power the engine with the key. This means you can run the fans without running the engine...but bear in mind that you will drain the starter battery after a few hours...
Of course the amount of air circulated is less than if the fans were powered with 24V, but it is still far enough (as you can feel when you put your hand on the air deck output.

The 230V fan that is located above the generator runs only once the generator is started.

Have a good day.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Port de Plaisance de Gustavia, Saint Barthélémy, FWI


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM engine room blower
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Hi all,Should the engine
room blower run automatically when the engine is running? 
I've noticed it runs when the generator is running, but
it does not when the engine is running.  It looks to me
like there are two blowers connected to the same duct, the
forward one feeding the intake of the aft one, which in turn
blows out through the cockpit coaming.  The forward one is
connected to the generator, and the aft one is connected to
a couple of relays/breakers mounted to the aft corner of the
port bulkhead.  The breakers are on.  Is this a stock
setup?  To be clear, I'm talking about the blower that
exhausts through a hole in the port cockpit coaming near the
aft end of the cockpit.  Also is there a way to run it
233 Iteration (ex Monarae)Boston, MA,

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