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Halidun Karagoz

Hi Paul,
I am using a 55kg Spade as the primary anchor for years. Back in 2010, i met Jerome, a fellow Amel owner, who jumped into my boat and said: look i have to pass on some information to you. I learned from him many things that was overlooked at the delivery week. The first thing he said was: get rid of the Wasi and get a 55kg Spade. The windlass is strong enough.
Since than, i have used the Spade in all sorts of anchorages around the world, without a worry.
Cheers, Haldun


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Has anyone fitted a spade anchor on an SM?

We are thinking of buying a Spade Aluminum Anchor as a spare. The 140 model looks as the one to choose if one go for Al. The 160 model is only made in Galvanized steel.

The benefit with Al is of course weight, more easy to manhandle and to deploy from the dingy in the event that it should be necessary.

An other benefit with the Spade as a spare is that you can dismantle the plow from the shank which Make it much easier to stow, and of course it has very good reputation as a modern efficient Anchor almost in class with our current Roccna.

But is has to fit on the bow roller also.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259 currently in Newport

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