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In 2000, I bought a 1982 Amel Mango with a 80 HP Perkins
[European engine] and spent five years chasing parts to no avail. Last Fall
I had installed a 90 HP Yanmar Turbo. Although I have not had her out in
strong winds and high seas [I'm a live aboard and work every day], she does
well with a Max prop in the Chesapeake Bay. I could have bought a new kid
and had money left over. The keel had to be re-bedded for the Yanmar.

Coming around Cape Hatteras in 2000 with the 80 HP in 48 knot winds and 20
foot seas in a North Easter, the Mango did fine motor sailing [on the other
hand, I didn't feel too great]. So I have no concern with the 90 HP Yanmar
unless things get much worse. I crewed on an Amel Mango like mine [the
engine looked like a Perkins, I wasn't in the engine room] and she did fine
motor sailing down Long Island Sound in a 38 knot South wind with a North
tide running. Every third wave threw water on the windscreen. A larger
engine will burn more fuel; however, I could not tolerate an engine [the
European Perkins] that I could not get parts or service for. Have no clue
if this helps you. I'd be more concerned about getting the 75 HP engine
parts and service than how she performs in lousy weather.


"Windrush," Solomons, MD, USA

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Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 1:01 PM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Amel SM2000 engine 75hp versus 100hp

Hi all,
I am in the process of buying a used SM2000. Older versions
(-2002) have a 75hp engine, but are interesting in sight of the price.
Has anybody experience in changing the engine or does anybody have good
arguements for the smaller engine?


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