Back in Greece

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Dear All,

After a mediteranean adventure with fair winds and some problems
with our new Super Maramu 2000 we arrived in Greece. My website is updated and there you can find interesting
things that happened to us during the trip.
For your info the Raymarine instruments worked very good during the
trip but as expected on any new boat there are some problems that
have to be solved. The latest is that the 12V engine starting
battery has been discharged after leaving the boat for 5 days in
Syros Island in Cyclades. I was shocked I had to start the engine
with the cables that were supplied with the boat although I had 630
Ah battery capacity on 24 Volts as the boat was connected to the
shore power. Has anybody a clue of what happened? Amel claims that
propably the battery is faulty. I am surprised that on such a boat
there is no other mean to charge this battery but only to start the
engine or generator ( if you can ). Has anybody installed a switch
to paralel the batteries in order to start the engine without the
cables? On my previous boat (Santorin) with 12 V systems everything
was simpler and more safe.

Dimitris Krassopoulos

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