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Ian Shepherd

I just answered that To Bill Kinney Bill. The crosscut sail was bent on after the weight increase. BTW my sail maker has just texted me that a crosscut sail is better for UV resistance, but a tri-radial holds its shape better. It's the shape of the leech and the UV burn in that area that always seems to get my sails. It's not helped in that Crusaders home berth faces north, exposing the wider than sometimes slot to the sun. With my new spectra mizzen we added a thin UV protective strip which has not impeded rolling it up. We shall see how long it lasts. My sail maker says 'Longer than you Ian'. He may well be right!


Ian Shepherd SM2K 41 Crusader (2003) Kasteloriso Island Greece

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So, now I wonder if the sailing performance comparison of triradial vs slab sail construction was before and after the added weight to the bow? Questions, too many questions!

Bill Rouse

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Very helpful comments on your service experience. Thanks a lot
for the information about what worked for you. It is always good
to hear about boat projects gone right!

You comment in you post that you are added an extra 140 m of chain
to "get the stripes parallel to the water". They are not supposed
to be! The design of the boat is to have them sweep upward toward
the bow. This looks better (to many eyes) than a rigorously
horizontal stripe, and it brings the bottom paint up to cover the
area of the hull that is constantly covered by the bow wave when
sailing. The Amel SM has a rather straight shear line, and a bit
of curve lightens her appearance. But looks are not the real issue.

If you were to put so much weight into the bow that bow stripe was
approaching horizontal, you would be seriously compromising the
sailing performance of the boat. Adding weight to the bow, and to
a lesser extent the stern, causes the boat to "hobbyhorse" in
choppy seas, increases weather helm and leeway, slows her down in
light winds, and in general puts the boat out of balance. For a
boat to do well, she really needs to be sailed on the lines as she
was designed.

There is no way that your boat requires almost a half tonne of
extra weight (140 M of 10 mm chain) added to the bow to get her
trim right! You are adding weight to the boat in the worst
possible place to do so.

When I first bought /Harmonie /she was as close to her light ship
weight as she has ever been since she first splashed in La
Rochelle. I noted, as you did, that the boot stripe appeared
higher at the bow than the stern, and wondered if she was right on
her lines. I took one of Amel's scale drawings that came in her
paperwork, and measured from the rail to the design waterline at
the bow and stern. She was exactly where she was supposed to be.
I have since learned not to be surprised by such precision in
design and construction. When we loaded her up with all our
worldly possessions she lost about a centimeter of freeboard all

The Weight Nazi, aka,
Bill Kinney
SM160, /Harmonie/
Bar Harbor, Maine.

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Last month there were three SuperMaramu 2000's in the
Marmaris area, all
looking for a haul out, repair work, polish and antifouling.
One went to
Gocek, one went to Yat Marina in Marmaris Bay and I went to
Marina Marmaris. One owner had OK service but suffered a lack of
attention to detail, another had a total disaster, and I
struck lucky
with with a result that exceeded my expectations by a long
way. I would
like to share my good experiences with other Amel owners who
might need
work done in Turkey.

Having sailed this area for the past 13 years with my Amel
and before
that with chartered yachts, I can safely say that I have
established who
really does a good job in this area. The purpose of this trip
was to
make my SM look good again. The red stripe had faded and
could not be
restored by others who tried at the previous haul out and the
port side
rub rail had suffered some damage from a large steel boat
that broke
it's mooring lines during a storm in Larnaca marina.

Two years ago I met Serdar Ak who runs Poseidon Yacht Service
based at
Netsel Marina Marmaris. You could not wish to meet a nicer
man who
really wants to do his best for you and his English is
excellent. For 17
years Serdar worked for Jeaneau Turkey specializing in
gelcoat and
painting. The locals assured me that he was the very best and
so I
booked a haul out and asked him to make Crusader look good
again. Serdar
also has a carbon fibre moulding company. Of the items he
makes there
are carbon fibre flag staffs and carbon fibre gangplanks with
the yachts
name embossed. Tempting! For those who might think that Netsel is
expensive, you would be right except that if you leave it to
Serdar, he
will get you a rate better than Yat Marina. A two way haul
out and 10
days in a cradle on the hard cost €955.

Within a few minutes of work on the red boot top stripes they
like new. So good in fact that we decided not to move the
stripes to
make them parallel to the water. Instead we added a further
30M of
chain(now 140M), which has helped, but it is still not enough.

The whole boat was finished and polished so well that it
looks like
brand new. Serdar's workforce of three were unbelievably
and worked tirelessly until Serdar was completely satisfied
with the
result. All of them are perfectionists. There is no sign of
any damage
now and all the gel coat colours used match perfectly. When the
anti-fouling was rubbed down, it was all done carefully by
hand using a
special abrasive cloth from Finland. The paint was sprayed on
by Serdar
using a very impressive piece of kit, the same way Amel do.
The ballast
keel was renovated and treated against rust spots. I have
photos of the excellent results.

Whilst on the hard I ran into a snag removing the mainsail
gearbox. Surprise surprise. The drive shaft was refusing to
tap out of
the gearbox, which was disappointing as I make a point of
greasing it
every six months. Serdar suggested help from a man named
Mustafa who
runs a company called M2 Rigging and Yacht Services. First
of Mustafa were that he seemed a little too keen to help me,
but I soon
found out that it is just his manner, and that he is very
familiar with
servicing Amels.His business is well respected by the local
yacht owners.

After also failing to remove the shaft, he said the way that
he had
previously solved the problem several times was to cut the
shaft in two
with a hack saw, take the gearbox to his workshop where he
has a decent
press, then machine up a new shaft and weld it to the
original top piece
that the locking bolt passes through. This he did and not
many hours
later the new shaft was made and back on board. The magic of
In the meantime Serdar was doing a proper paint job on the
gearboxes. I
am wondering if it might be worthwhile to have the shaft
machined to
take top and bottom O-rings to help keep seawater out, or at
least have
a top hat made up to shelter the shaft to gearbox bearing
area? Has
anyone done this?

Seeing that Mustafa owned a rigging company, I mentioned that
it was
time I changed my standing rigging. He offered me an ACMO
kit but using wire from Denmark for €7000 plus €1000 labour
all taxes. Two days later the job was done by his very
experienced team
of riggers. He reckons the Danish wire is better than the
wire ACMO use.
A full set of certifications and guaranty's was supplied. Richard
Piller, please note that I have decided not to replace the
plastic wire
sheaths, as per your advice! New wire looks great anyway and
one less
thing to worry about as the Med sun turns the plastic to
powder. He also
replaced the lower rail lifelines as they were beginning to
After sailing hard for a week I brought Crusader back to M2
for a check
over and minor adjustments to the rig. All at no further charge.

My other renovation was to have all new cockpit and aft deck
made, and also the steering wheel, companion way, stair rail,
and head
protector leather replaced. For this I used Yasin Karabulut
who runs
Swarzewolke Upholstery near Netsel Marina . Yasin made me an
cockpit bimini two years ago which is a huge improvement on
the original
that came with the boat. Once again he did a top quality job
and and I
am very pleased with the work. His next task will be to make more
attractive curtains and maybe a full winter cover. Again
photos of his
work in the photos section.

Whilst on the hard I serviced my transmission which has a
stainless seal
bush and my bow thuster which is lubricated with lithium graphite
grease. I will post on my findings after 7 years of doing
this later.
However, I had a spare stainless bush made up whilst in
Marmaris by
Erinox Marine for €80. I have included their business card in
the photo
section. Tragically Ergun, the owner of Erinox, was killed
the very next
morning after I gave him the parts to copy, in a motorcycle
The company continues with his two partners, though they do
not speak
English well like Ergun did. R.I.P. You were a good man.

I have also included photos of the business cards of these four
companies plus the card of a very helpful and pleasant agent
who will
get you checked out of Turkey for €50.

I hope that this will be useful to anyone passing this area
who needs
work done. By the way, for those who believe the 'fake news',
I have
been in Turkey for six weeks and everything has been totally
calm and
normal. There are less foreign registered yachts about this
year, no
doubt some put off by the exaggerations of the press. It's
still a great
cruising area.

Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 (2003) Crusader Lindos Rhodes

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