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Ian Shepherd


I raised the front frame on my new bimini by 7cms a side. This was done by cutting the side tubing above the attachment hole and welding in a 7cm length. After polishing you can't see the join. The frame still folds into the dodger top recess, but what you will probably need to do is machine up two Teflon spacers and put one each side of on the fixing pin between the tubing and the outer edge of the dodger. This ensures that when folding down the tube does not rub on the edge of the dodger. 7 cms gave me headroom to stand at the wheel and look through the unzipped from panel and suck in that glorious breeze! I believe that we might have gone a bit higher than 7 cms, but that would have spoilt the nice new parallel top of the bimini which enhance the look of the boat. Have a look at Crusader's photos as well. I will take a look tomorrow at the measurements of the spacers


Ian Shepherd SM2K 414 (2003) Crusader Kastelorizo Island Greece


On 08/08/2017 02:00, steve_morrison@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:

Thank you Pat.  When you say that you raised your bimini framing a few inches, how did you do that?  I assume that you mean that you had new arches shaped that stood taller than the originals?  Did you use the original attachment points on the downslope of the hard dodger (such that I would imagine that you are no longer able to get the bimini to fold and tuck into its original stowed position), or did you move the attachment points farther and aft lower to allow for longer arches that still stowed in the original position.  

Any of the other owners reading this that may have changed the geometry of the original stainless arch frames, where did you attach them, and can you still fold and secure the bimini to the top of the hard dodger?

I am not on my boat again until wednesday and thus can't remember whether the trailing edge of the hard dodger descends at at an angle greater than or less than a 45 degree angle, and therefor, whether moving the attachment points lower and aft with a lengthened arch would gain in overall height or not while still folding as the original.  

I will check for for your Shenanigans photos tonight.

All the best,
Steve Morrison
SM 380 TouRai
Brunswick, GA

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