Unknown freshwater source

Leopold Hauer

Hi everyone,


We have a "well" in the pantry bilges of our SM ( hull 69) : In higher waves, especially with wind from ahead , we get water ( definitely NO saltwater) in the compartment with the freshwater pump in front of the stove, continuing to the compartment underneath the sink and then to the one underneath the steps. The only origin we could imagine is the  freshwater tank inspection lid underneath the freezer, but we are not sure and  don't see any connection between  this lid and the  bilges in the pantry. 

The taps of dishwasher and washing machine are closed but most of the water is in this compartment. We are afraid that we have to remove the freezer.Has anyone ever removed the freezer and can give us hints or a description of how to do it?

Did or does anyone have this water problem too? Any ideas of a solution?



Leo Hauer

SM. Yin Yang

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