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Leopold Hauer

Hi Steve,
 Good to hear that we are not the only one's with that problem. Since we hardly use neither the aircondition nor the freezer we think that it is also the water tank inspection port under the freezer, the other two are ok.

HOW did you remove the freezer? Can you remember? 
Cheers, Leo

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Hello Leo,

We have hull 72, and had a similar problem just after we purchased the boat in 2014. In our case, we had a lot of fresh water in the area where the water pump is located on our older boats, and gallons of water in the under floor area below the salon table. In our case, the seal on the water tank inspection port had deteriorated, and we had to remove the freezer and replace it. This is a good opportunity to clean your water tank as well. 
Keep in mind that the inspection port under the sink area in the galley can also put water in the area you are finding it in when heeled to port. Until you have the time to check it, try keeping the water level below 600 liters when you sail, and you should not have any water escaping the tank. If you are still finding water when keeping the tank below 600 liters, I suspect you have a different problem. 


Steve Davis
Aloha SM72

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Hi everyone,


We have a "well" in the pantry bilges of our SM ( hull 69) : In higher waves, especially with wind from ahead , we get water ( definitely NO saltwater) in the compartment with the freshwater pump in front of the stove, continuing to the compartment underneath the sink and then to the one underneath the steps. The only origin we could imagine is the  freshwater tank inspection lid underneath the freezer, but we are not sure and  don't see any connection between  this lid and the  bilges in the pantry. 

The taps of dishwasher and washing machine are closed but most of the water is in this compartment. We are afraid that we have to remove the freezer.Has anyone ever removed the freezer and can give us hints or a description of how to do it?

Did or does anyone have this water problem too? Any ideas of a solution?



Leo Hauer

SM. Yin Yang

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