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Hi All,

It is possible I am going to save some of us a lot of grief. On my previous yacht we had a roller furler head sail. On an ocean crossing the upper swivel jammed solid with the sail half out. Wouldn't move in or out. Totally stuck. It was a 15 metre mast so the manual unwrapping of the sail was a hard physical exercise. Once the sail was unfurled we dropped the sail and got the swivel down to the deck. With not many options mid ocean we washed the swivel with fresh water and bingo it was free, spun perfectly. The rollers in the swivel had got coated with salt. It didn't look salt coated but that's what it was. It doesn't take much. So if your upper swivel jams or gets stiff to move, as a simple first step give it a good wash with clean fresh water. With the main and mizzen obviously you cant unwrap them as we did the headsail so take a hose up with the bosuns chair and give the swivel a good fresh water flush. If it works you have fixed it simply, if not you haven't spent too much time. 



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I didn't see your original post so don't know the year of your Maramu.  I have a 1985, the first year of electric roller furling.  The motor and worm drive are in the front of the mast.  I have a friend with a 1986 and his is on lower starboard side.  From memory.  My swivel froze at sea so I wrapped the main around the mast and got into port.  Then up the mast nd removed the pin in the slot that keeps the upper part of the swivel from spinning.   Take the halyard off the swivel and tied the swivel to the top of the furling rod.  This allows the swivel to spin with the furling rod and the sail can be used to get you to a place where you can do the work.  I went back up and loosened the furling rod nut on top the mast to remove the tension.  Then removed the motor and worm gear from front of mast (manual furl mechanism built in drive shaft).  Next remove the gear at the bottom of the furling rod (2 bolts on the bottom, hard work through the slot).  Next take out the lower bearing housing and bearing, (bolted in in my version).  The swivel then came off.  If I recall I had to lift the mast a bit to slide the swivel out.  Now you can fix the swivel and then do everything again backwards.  Look at this as an opportunity to become friends with your mast.  The mizzen works the same way, only no electric motor.

Ken & Judy
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1985 Maramu



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