NZ cat one surveys

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all,

There was a query a few days back about the NZ cat one departure surveys for off shore yachts and how Amel yachts fared in this inspection. I have been having trouble connecting with the forum so my reply has been delayed. Ocean Pearl has passed this inspection at least five times. I have found the Yachting NZ inspectors helpful and practical with Ocean Pearl and my previous yachts.

It is a pain and expense to replace the flares that are required every three years, likewise the life-raft servicing, annually or bi annually if you pay a bit more

What issues are there? The Amel doesn't have a tri sail track and its not practical to fit one. The inspectors being practical people acknowledged the ketch rig gave enough storm sail options. This year the rules have been changed so it requires triple stitching of a "tri sail" size portion of the main sail that may be unfurled in a storm.  The life rail is slightly lower than specified but the solid top rail satisfied them. I believe dorade vents are specified but the amel ventilation options satisfied them.

There are comprehensive equipment requirements much more than the 4 buckets Alan mentioned. Communication, distress communication, safety equipment, first aid, tools, sufficient water and  fuel, navigation equipment and a competent  navigator. And of course a competent and experienced skipper.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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