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Am I following you right? Your lifting line does not go up to the spreaders? How do you lift the boom high enough to get the outboard over the rail?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Bar Harbor, Maine

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Hi Kent, there is a t cleat on the mizzen mast at about boom height. we attach a block to that and run the line over that and down to the main sheet winch and is what you call a fair lead I think. Works well and we can swivel the boom easily.



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Thanks, Danny.  When you lift the outboard, where is the block attached that leads to the winch?  I've been taking a line over the cheek block at the end of the boom and directly to the port mizzen winch.  It's not a fair lead.  Others say they have a block at the spreaders that gives fair leads to both the cheek block and the winch.  I'm going to do that, but am wondering where to attach the block at the spreaders.

S/V Kristy



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