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Ian Shepherd

Hello Paul,

you could but as you will be taking the thruster out, why not do the simple job of replacing the bearings with new sealed ones? They are not expensive. All you need is a puller to get them off and a tube to tap them back on if you don't have access to a press. You will find that the thruster will sound smother afterwards. Amel now use sealed bearings or so I have heard.

Regarding the play in your hub, please note that the stainless sleeve does not extend much beyond the lip seal. (See my photo in the photo's section), so the pin does not go through the sleeve. Sounds like you need to replace the hub. They do get sloppy after much use.

Good luck

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On 11/08/2017 16:52, osterberg.paul.l@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:


Ian, very interesting 

Would it be possible and a good idea to use lithium grease even with opened ball bearings?
I changed my bearings last year, but will haul out soon, so to opens the gear boat and put in lithium grease would be a small and quick job

I have some play between the propeller  hub and the shaft so a steel bushing would solve that

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