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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Alan

Looks like I jumped the gun a bit. We've now sailed into Maumere on Flores Island and despite another rolly 3 day passage, Lauren was amazingly just fine, not sick at all... and so we will keep trying a little longer in the hope that things improve for her before finally agreeing to sell. We have been inundated with interest so a few folk will no doubt be a little peeved off with me...

Thanks for the info that Judith flies in and does not sail. We had also been considering that as an option.

Best reagrds


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Hi Colin,

That is indeed very sad news.
I hope you think it is the right decision.
Judith doesn't sail voyages with me. I sail, she flies to destinations and meets up for local cruising.
Sure, it's not circumnavigating, but it's better than nothing.
Whatever you ultimately do, I wish you all the best and whoever does eventually buy Island Pearl will be blessed with a seriously good cruising boat.
All the best
Elyse SM437 

Colin Streeter
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