Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Battery Charging while hauled out

Patrick McAneny

I wrote the original question concerning battery charging on the hard. There
has been several responses,and more than one, that questioned why I felt it
necessary to charge my batteries and that it was a mistake for me to leave my
boat plugged in to shore power. So, I thought I'd respond.When I hauled my
boat my batteries didn't have a full charge. I know its not good for batteries
to be stored for the winter with less than a full charge, so that's why I
felt it necessary to charge them. As far as leaving my boat plugged in, I never
said nor would I ever leave my boat plugged in. I wrote only to determine if
anyone else ever had the main 220v breaker trip while plugged into 110v 60
hertz. I'm pretty sure my system has no short as someone suggested. Could it
be a voltage drop or could it be the 60 hertz? Anyway, thanks for all the
input, I'm sure I'll sort it out.

Pat SM 123

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