Re: Good Service In Marmaris Turkey



Even though we have B&G brand instruments for most things, our system looks very little like the original 1990's electronics that came with our boat when we bought her.  

The original Hydra unit is kept primarily to act as an interface between the mast head wind instrument and everything else.  

The more sophisticated of our original Autohelm autopilots we kept installed as a back up.  Both drive units are the original Autohelm drives (chain drive to the wheel/linear drive to the quadrant).  We can run either AP computer to either AP drive.  The voltage of the clutch is the only fly in that ointment, but it is not hard to fix.

We still have the original B&G analog gauges for Wind speed, and Wind direction, but find the display on the digital Triton units which have True wind angle and True wind speed as well as Apparent wind angle and speed pretty much make the old B&G units second tier.  I know some people swear by these old analog gauges, but they don't do much for me.

Right now we have two Tritons to display data, and a 12" Zeus Touch as a primary display.  Almost all data (except for the mast head wind info) is on the NMEA2000 bus, and the NMEA0183 data has almost gone away.  Our most recent update is adding the B&G 3G radar when the old Furuno 1831 died.  It is very nice having a radar display at the helm station instead of below!

Bill Kinney
SM160,  Harmonie
Bar Harbor, Maine.

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