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Bill Kinney,

I checked the box in "Autopilot > Sailing > VMG Optimizing".  Thanks for the tip!

Now, for this to work one must designate a waypoint to navigate to and activate "Wind Navigation", correct?

I tried it this morning as we sailed upwind and it worked fine for about 1/2 hr holding a great course, until wind changed suddenly and dropped at the same time —welcome to the Med— and the autopilot let the boat do an "accidental tack," i.e., we got the genoa reversed all of the sudden.  We purposefully let it mess up, of course, to to see how smart the thing is.

Looks like we will be using this function a lot in the future, I just want to make sure I'm doing it correctly!  We have a Zeus 12 and a Zeus2 7.


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Yes, a 24 ->12 volt convertor will certainly work.  The advantages of the resistor are fewer parts (one!) and it cost $2.80--for a package of two.

I do not know how consistent the menu trees are for different MFDs, but here is where that option lives on on our Zeus touch:

Push "Page"-> Go to "Settings" -> Select "Autopilot" -> Select "Sailing"

From the resulting popup window, turn on "VMG optimizing".

I do not think this is in the manual for the autopilot computer at all. You have to go to the manual for the device (or devices) you use to control it.

I know it can also be selected from the Triton display, but I don't remember that menu list because I hardly ever use it...

Bill Kinney
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Bar Harbor, Maine.

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We have the same B&G AC42, using a Victron DC-DC converter from 24V to 12V for the clutch.  A great installation since 2014.

What autopilot mode or setting is it that optimizes VMG when close-hauled?  I seem to have missed that on the manual!

Thanks in advance,

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