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Hello John Clark,

Point of knowledge for you; you only need to pull out the throttle/gear lever laterally to starboard and this allows you to remain in neutral while revving up the engine…


Jean-Pierre Germain,
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Hi Chris,
  Darn it Mike beat me to it!   Yes, it is the light for the compass at the helm.  You can dim it as needed to maintain night vision.   I know there will be a few issues with a boat that has as many systems as the Amel, but with the forum you should be able to find answers from people who have been there....and one or two that have literally written books on the Amel.

I might address your 12v main engine alternator issue.  I have an older SM that was updated to the same engine I suspect you have, the Volvo TMD22.   My 12v alternator sometimes does not want to wake up in the morning.  What has resolved the issue was to rev the engine to about 2000rpm in neutral(go into engine room and locally activate the throttle linkage without putting transmission in gear) then quickly back to idle.  Might take a try or two.  It usually catches.  Once woken up it is good for the day.   Is your tachometer also showing no activity?  

               Regards,   John

John Clark
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Binnacle light

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After being on our new (to us) Super Maramu for about 2 weeks, there have been a few challenges thrown at me from generator stopping, air conditioning raw water pump issues, 12v alternator on main engine not working, torn head sail, blocked electric toilet, tender outboard overheating, flat start battery, main battery bank low,..............etc

I am starting to learn the ropes of boat ownership!!!!!!  I was once told, "the only that that works on a boat, is the owner".

Anyway we have just arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia from Phuket, Thailand and honestly enjoying the boat.

My question is, what is the dial on the DC panel for?  It does turn on a green light in the star, however I am sure it has another purpose, could somebody please help me.  The very few manuals I have are in French and I failed that subjec t at school.

On another note, just to ensure I don't get bored, I have new standing rigging arriving in the next few days from ACMO.



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