Re: DC Panel dial and green light in star


Thanks guys, 
I would never have guessed that as it is not working!!
Why does it turn on the green "star" light (on 24v panel) at a certain setting?  

I shall try that with the engine, and yes the tachometer has been a little temperamental at the beginning. I ended up putting a jump cable to the field to stop the buzzer.  Also found that the temp gauge is over reading, verified with temp gun.  Hmmmm, is it the gauge or probe?  Any way to test?

Another thing I am very concerned about is that balooner halyard either broke or came undone while drying the spinnaker, it is now jammed inside the main mast.  Do the halyards run in guides in the mast?  

With the electric toilet blocking, our 3 year old son finally admitted to eating the olive pips, I gave them back to him.  I originally thought that I was going to find a Lego man!!

One job at a time, although my wife keeps reminding that we need to play too. I do enjoy the little projects, but no more olives aloud onboard!!!


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