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My experience with the poles is that the poles are supported by the lines and very little if any force is on the rigging loop.

The loop is used basically to support the pole while you are rigging the lines.

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Hello All,  


Would anyone have any suggestions on how one might obtain a second downwind pole setup for a Santorin?  

Seems unlikely Amel would still carry them but I haven’t checked.  We have one, and I was planning on using a poled out genoa and prevented main for a downwind rig, but with all the praise for the dual headsail setup and hearing how much less roll there is makes me realize I’d like the two. 


 Also, does anyone have any concern regarding the wire clamps for the pole support on the shrouds, in that they do seem slightly angulated to the long axis of the wires, thus potentially causing a stress riser or work hardening in this area over time.    Many thanks.     


Dave Bruce,  

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I have decided to desist the temptation of ruining the ballooner! I don't have space to carry an extra sail that I would rarely use. 
Anyway, I can tell just from the look on my Linda's patient face that reads "What are you playing at. Why don't you just put the engine on and get there!!"
Thanks for the confirmation anyway.

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