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Bill Kinney, I'm with Craig on this: I understand how VMG optimization works on Wind Navigation.  

I fail to see, however, how it might work on mere "W".  What would it optimize to, if it does not now where I intend to go to?  

Having said that, yesterday afternoon (1st day ever after checking the "VMG Optimization" checkbox), my wife the Admiral was W sailing... plain W-autopilot sailing you see, and the thing did what you described: it actually changed my wife's designated angle, one degree at at time.  But we are not clear on what exactly the autopilot thinks it was doing.  Surely there is a reason.


At anchor, Thermopylae

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No, "W" wind only mode works fine for the VMG optimization.  

I rarely use the "Wind Navigation" mode, and I am not sure exactly how VMG optimization would work there.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Gloucester, Mass

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