Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Down wind sail configuration

Ian Park

I think the best bet is to make an enquiry to AMEL. Other than that see if a rigging company can make a copy of your current pole - the end fittings must be fairly standard.
As to the frame: I had some concerns that mine had moved on the rigging so decided to straighten them up. I checked the angle of the short pole from the mast with other AMELs as mine seemed to slope down very slightly, but that does seem to be the correct. If you get them exactly at right angles to the mast they do not line up perfectly in their engagement holes or exactly with the retaining pins. The angle is very slight. But I tightened the rigging sections reasonably straight.
Perhaps someone else can add to this - the pole rigging is identical to the SM.
And, yes - the downwind performance is great to sit back and watch!

Trust you are enjoying your boat. best wishes

Ocean Hobo SN 96

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