finding LED bulbs for overhead lights

Ryan Meador

Hi all,
I'm in the process of converting all the interior lights on my SM to LED.  It was easy to find BA15d LED bulbs for the wall lights, so that's taken care of (though I did break one since the label on the fixture said they're G4, but they're definitely BA15d -- twist, don't pull!).  I'm having a bear of a time finding a bulb that will work in the overhead fixtures though.  They all take G4 bulbs, but the sockets are mounted such that the two pins are vertically aligned.  All the bulbs for this application (example) have pins that are horizontal, so they won't fit.  I have been able to find some LED bulbs that are the same form factor as the original halogens, but they have much lower light output because they're smaller and some of the LEDs are pointing at the ceiling, so I don't want those.  I also haven't had luck finding a 90 degree adapter.  Does anyone have a solution to this problem?  I've seen posts in the archive about people who have changed their lights, but not how they did it.  I thought I should ask before I go creating my own adapters or kludging something together.

SM 233 Iteration
Boston, USA

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