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Steve Leeds

Hi Patrick,

I cannot address what it will cost you to insure your boat as I have been back
in the US for three years. However, I can tell you that you should keep
your mind open about insurance (and every other purchase you make) as you
travel. Buying what you need in the US may not make sense. When I
asked for a quote from a US insurance company for insuring my Sharki which was
to be stored on the hard at Gulf Harbour, New Zealand for a year, the figure
was so ridiculous that I got a quote from a company in Auckland. The
result was a quote for $561, a fraction of the US premium, and the coverage
allowed me to sail anywhere in New Zealand; the underwriter was Lloyds (of
London). The risk is lower for a local company, which can see you and your
boat as opposed to a company insuring someone 12,000 miles away. In
addition, people are less likely to sue in many other countries. When we
were ready to leave N.Z., the same company covered us all the way back to the
US. Our premium for sailing around The Cape of Good Hope (the Cape of
Storms) and across the Atlantic Ocean was less than we are paying now for local
insurance in Fort Lauderdale! You may be able to purchase insurance for
your boat from Europe once you leave the US.

Good Luck!

Steve Leeds


Sharki #121

Circumnavigator's Yacht Service

Fort Lauderdale

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I've been
self-insured with my past boats.Now that I have purchased my

SM, I no longer can afford that risk.Speaking to my insurance agent,he

implied it getting harder thus more exspensive to underwrite an extened

offshore cruise.I've often wondered what others sailors did about

insurance and what they typically paid for coverage for a year of

cruising offshore.I'm awaiting a quote but I have no basis to assess if

its fair.I know that there is a lot of variables,such as hull value and

cruising grounds,however I'd still be interested to know what other

Amel owners do about insurance. Thanks,Patrick

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