Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Down wind sail configuration

Ian Park

The ballooner setup is quite unique to AMEL boats. The sail is similar to a cruising chute, the same dimensions as the genoa, but goes up a second luff groove on the genoa furled. It is hoisted by a continuous halliard arrangement that enables the head of the sail to be engaged in the top swivel and the halliard to be completely removed. Thus enables both sails to be reeled simultaneously on the roller or rolled in completely. A third luff groove enables the ballooner to be lowered by hoisting a plastic 'mouse' which releases the ballooner - hence Chris's comment about his fast the sail comes down.

The twin articulated poles again are unique. They are much safer to deploy shorthanded than a spinnaker pole since none of the moving part of the pole is over the deck. The four pole control lines are colour coded individually and marked with the optimum creating off position to facilitate an easy set up prior to unfurling the genoa and then hoisting the ballooner.

All the instructions and diagrams are in the SM owners manual, a copy of which I believe is on file.

Hope this gives a quick overview, but reading the chapter will make more sense.

Good luck

Ocean Hobo SN96

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