Intermittent A/C Seawater Pump

Dean Gillies

Hi All,
After some fault-finding on our AirCon system, I'm fairly confident I've isolated the problem to the Calpeda Seawater pump. The pump is being energised to start by all three A/C sub-systems, but most of the time it doesn't spin up. (Sometimes it does, just to make fault-tracing more interesting :-)

Anyway, each time I turn on the system and the pump doesn't start, I can make it work by first turning the the system back off, giving the pump spindle a little spin with a screwdriver and then turning the system on again. There is usually a little resistance to spinning which feels like it could maybe be a blockage, but if I turn the spindle through 30-60 degrees it frees up.

I'm interested in hearing any theories as to where I go next? Could there be debris in the pump? Is it a capacitor failure (is that a start cap or a run cap that I see in there on top of the pump?). Is this a sign I need to service or replace the pump?

All theories entertained !

Many thanks
SY Stella
Amel 54 #154

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