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We use a length of regular chain (stainless would be best). It is about 10’ long. We have two locks (combination locks). One secures an end to the dinghy. We have an aluminum RIB that has welded lift points. This is where we fasten the chain. The other end we try to lock to a cleat or board on the dock. So far, we still have the dinghy.


We also use an outboard motor lock. We use this lock when the motor is attached to the dinghy or attached to the rail on Cream Puff:


We also try to tie the dinghy next to one that is nicer, has a newer engine and an inferior lock/cable. Our thought being someone would take it first rather than ours. You don’t want to be the prettiest or newest at the dock.


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The last time we were in the Caribbean I secured my dinghy with a cable that was encased in gray plastic . I think it was called Kryptonite , I was told by a friend and where I bought it , that it was very difficult to cut. Well I just cut it very easily with a very short handled cable cutter. When we go ashore , I like to think that are dinghy will be there when we get back . So does anyone have a suggestion as to the most secure way to secure a dinghy. Nothing is bullet proof , but I want to get as close as possible.

Thanks, Pat

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