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Mark Erdos

We replaced the expensive Italian Calpeda pump installed by Amel with this: It works much better than the Calpeda (very old technology and expensive parts - also not suitable to ground to the bonding system). The March pump doesn't need to connect the housing to the bonding system since it is plastic where seawater touches (you will need to connect to the ground). You can probably get the pump cheaper if you shop other than coastal climate:


If you wish to repair the Calpeda pump, Coastal Climate is the USA dealer:  They are the people who recommended the March pump to me and it has worked well for 2+ years. It was an easy swap as the foot print and hoses are similar. You need to jump the wiring to make it 220v (instructions are included – very easy to do)




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Do you have the model no of the March pump?

Was it a form and fit replacement or did you need to rejig the pipe work or mountings?



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