Re: winter liveaboard?


I lived on a boat for 15 years in cool San Francisco, which pales in comparison to winter in Boston.  But I'll second the comment that moisture is the enemy.  Every breath you take adds water to the air, and if that water is not removed, it will condense on the cold hull and cause no ends of problems.

The only way to get keep condensation from forming is to remove the water.  Either with a dehumidifier or through ventilation--or both.  The problem is the colder it gets, the less ventilation you want because it is... well... cold!

I had a in-cabin heater, a Dickenson diesel fuel model that was great at keeping things warm and dry on a 40 foot boat down to 20 degrees or so.  It would do the main saloon on a SM, but not the whole boat in Boston temperatures.  It's also a major installation project.

Some other simple hints...  
  • Shower at the gym or at work if you can.  Showers add HUGELY to the water load in the air. 
  • When cooking, keep the pots covered, and simmer as low as possible.  
  • Get an electric mattress pad.  That and a fluffy duvet will give you a sense of well being in a blizzard.  
  • Have a plan of action about what you will do if there is an electrical outage when the temperature is well below freezing.
  • Be really careful on deck when it is frosty!  It is VERY slippery.
Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Gloucester, Maine

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