Base for Jabsco Quiet Flush head Brojen


Hi all.
On my last passage, the base of my foreword Quiet Flush Jabsco head broke. Jabsco has changed the base and the old ones are no longer available. The new base doesn't have the outboard bolt holes to bolt it to the fiberglass pan, only 3 bolt holes on the perimeter of the base. The fore and aft holes line up with the old ones. The inboard hole is barely on the edge of the flat part of the cabin sole, I drilled it but found no backing plate to tap. There is no access without removing the fiberglass shower enclosure.

I'm thinking of cutting a hole in the fiberglass under the head, and epoxying a piece of stainless underneath where the inboard hole is, then drilling and tapping it.

I might be able to drill a big enough hole to insert a Molly bolt, but not sure I can get it to tighten up with nothing to hold it under the flooring.

Has anyone else dealt with this problem? Solution?

Is there any down side to cutting a fist-sized hole in the shower pan?

I could move the head outboard a centimeter or so to give myself a flat surface to work with, no more as the macerator motor won't allow it. Any thoughts about that?

Does anyone know the configuration of the backing plates under the original holes?

Thank you for any thoughts.

St Michaels, MD, USA

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