Clima 10,000 BTU 4th Air Conditioner Installation Photos

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Hi Again Everyone:

I just uploaded some additional photos for the 10,000 BTU Clima 4th AC unit installation
on my Amel SM 2000. This has been one of the best additions that I have made to the
boat. My wife is now cool in the galley while cooking in the Caribbean and sleeping in the
quaterberth is also now very pleasant.

I tied the Amel fresh air ventilation system into the ducting so that it can still be used. Not
shown is that the duct to the quarter berth area has a "Y" in it so that branch of the circuit
sends AC air both to the quarter berth area and also out from under the companionway
steps. When the dampers are selected to use the Fresh Air System then fresh air also exits
to the quarterberth outlet as well as from under the companionway outlet. The AC unit
fan outlet duct is 5 inch and goes to a T with an adjustable plennum and two 4 inch
outlets, one feeding the galley ducting and one feeding the duct that goes behind the
refrigerator to the companionway area/quarterberth area.

I installed a seperate seawater pump (a 230 volt March high tech pump to feed the new AC
( The March
pump has no shaft seals as the impeller is magnetically driven by the motor and the motor
is cooled by seawater via a stainless steel coil.

I took the sea water from the manifold in the engine room from the outlet where the
anchor wash down hose was. I had previously changed my anchor wash down to fresh
water so that I could switch it to a hose bib on the foredeck to be able to wash down the
boat with fresh water. The exhaust for the sea water is "T' ed into the desalinator
overboard plumbing.

My 230 VAC is from the breaker labeled "Compressor" that was not being used.

Gary Silver Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335 s/v Liahona

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