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smiles bernard

Hello again
The maramu 46 we have bought doesn't have the original furling system.
It has a recently added frofurl ndec 430
I pick up the boat on tues ūüėé but believe it has a twin luff grove
So parhaps my only option will be to add a second genoa halyard and hoist the second sail on the second luff groove
That way least I'll be able to raise and lower each sail independently. 
The original mouse plus 3 luff groove system  looks brilliant !
I wonder if I could replace the foil and swivel?
Is this the kind of thing amel might still supply or does anyone know the manufacturer of the amel furling system?
Many thanks

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Hi there Bill
I dont have a manual I'm afraid 

All the best

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He best
Read your is very straightforward. Let me know if you do not have a manual.

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