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Bill. This guy bought a boat I built for Frank Mc Carrol and his wife Bernadette who I got quite close to. It was struck by lightning. He asked me how to fix it as I have been involved, with support from Amel, in about twenty of these restoration processes. I told him DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. USE ONLY COMPONENTS SUPPLIED BY AMEL. He let some unscrupulous outfit convince him the Amel way was stupid and dangerous and they did it their way. A total disaster! Frank asked me to sell the boat so I went up to New York to do so. When I discovered the changes, I told him I was not the guy to sell it as I could not represent it as a good value based on the lunatic changes. This ruined our friendship, unfortunately and needlessly.
Leave this know it all alone, he is not worth your time as he is the type that will work against what he does not understand.

Be careful Buddy


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That was a lot of words, but your question was, "how best to separate out some circuits so they always have 50Hz, but allow others to use whatever frequency is available."

The smart-ass answer is why.  You are over thinking this and negotiating with yourself without any real experience. 

The short answer is, it is much simpler to leave things as they are and buy 50htz devices.

The longer answer may be for someone who is willing to destroy the original design, which I will tell you is perfect and "child-proof," especially when traveling to many different countries. Search earlier posts for my definition of child-proof. 

I really hopes that this helps you make a decision... it would take me an hour to give you all the supporting data that I am sure you want. 


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Wall power in the USA targets 120V (and they're very good at maintaining it), but it is allowed to vary from 110V to 125V. All at 60Hz; they will change the voltage to maintain the frequency if the grid is under heavy load.  So in my opinion it is most correct to call it 120V, but a lot of people call it 110V or even 115V.  Our homes (and larger boats, like the SM) are supplied with split-phase 240V, so you can use 240V directly or get two 120V circuits by connecting them across the middle of the transformer (the neutral wire) -- this is as Alan says.  Even larger buildings are supplied with 3-phase power, but that gets very complicated very quickly.

My question was regarding the actual wiring of the SM, how best to separate out some circuits so they always have 50Hz, but allow others to use whatever frequency is available. And also to switch the 50Hz circuit from the inverter to the generator as needed. Has anyone done this?

If I were to go hog wild, I'd build seven separate AC electrical systems: 50Hz, 60Hz, and "don't care"; each at both 120V and 240V; and a seventh that doesn't care about voltage or frequency.  But I'm resisting the temptation primarily because I don't want to mess too much with the Amel design, and also because that would be a lot of work and expense. Can you tell I'm an electrical engineer? 😂

Implicit in the above is a related question that's been marinating in my mind for a while: has anyone in the US tried swapping out their 3-wire shore power cord for a 4-wire cord and thus running 120V to US-style wall outlets?  I have a number of US wall outlets on board, but they're all powered from an inverter right now, which is not the most efficient thing and also limits how much power I can draw. I'd get 240V space heaters if I go forward with electric heat for this reason.

I think someone in this thread also mentioned the main breaker is 35A? Is the existing system sufficiently robust that I could safely replace it with 50A? Is this the breaker on the panel above the galley or is there another one closer to the shore power inlet (as required by ABYC...)?

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Hi Danny,

In the USA they have a four wire system. If you use one of the hot wires and neutral you get 110V . If you use the two hot wires you can get 220V @ 60Hz. It's a bit bizarre to us 220/240V folk....but that's the way it is. 
Elyse SM437
PS Nice pic on Facebook of you sailing in to Manganui

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