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The rewiring you ask about is a really complex question...  

Yes, what you want to do CAN be done. but how can be complex and rather detail oriented, and depends a lot on your individual boat's setup and wiring details, also on the size and capability of the inverter you use.

Some Amel's are set up as 220V/50 Hz systems exclusively, and use nothing else.  Others have have more complex setups.  Some have inverters, some get all AC they use away from the dock from the genset, so it is really hard to generalize.

Amel also installed transformers on some boats for the USA market.  It works a treat, and because of that (when we are at the dock) we actually usually use 110V service, but we CAN use anything available.  On the boat itself, we have both 110 and 220 available, and unlike many Amel owners, we are agnostic about the difference between them.  We have some 110V things, and some 220V things, and everybody plays happy together.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Gloucester, Mass

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Those are good ideas.  I used to have one of those Eva-Dry units and they are indeed a joke.  I had it for the summer though, not the winter.  It tends to be very dry here once the temperature goes below freezing.  My old boat had an Espar (Eberspacher), my new one does not.  That goes a long way towards keeping the boat dry because it exchanges air with the outside.  I think I'm going to try to heat with electric only this year rather than install one of those systems.  I also do not have a 50Hz inverter, but I'm sure I can find a similar dehumidifier that works at 60Hz.  I may also add a 50Hz inverter so I can run the washing machine.  Does anyone have experience separating out the electrical system so some things run on the inverter and some things don't?  Or did you just wire it right into the main breaker (in which case how do you run the hot water heater)?


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