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I could not get any stateside Insurance carrier, including my own to recently cover me on a trip from wilmington, NC to Bermuda. Had to go to Lloyds of London. Cost 2,000 dollars on top of a 3200 dollar policy. Everyone is having problems just to sail to Bermuda. Murray Seidel sm#349. 910-470-1225. Wilm, NC

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I've been self-insured with my past boats.Now that I have purchased my
SM, I no longer can afford that risk.Speaking to my insurance agent,he
implied it getting harder thus more exspensive to underwrite an extened
offshore cruise.I've often wondered what others sailors did about
insurance and what they typically paid for coverage for a year of
cruising offshore.I'm awaiting a quote but I have no basis to assess if
its fair.I know that there is a lot of variables,such as hull value and
cruising grounds,however I'd still be interested to know what other
Amel owners do about insurance. Thanks,Patrick

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