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Hello Ryan and I apologize for having sent this message to the whole group. I am very sleep deprived lately and I am a danger to myself and those around me…


Some background, quickly. I have been selling Amel boats for nearly four decades and sold all the new Amel product to North American clients as Amel’s exclusive associate for most of that time. I now focus only on Amel brokerage boats. I have owned two Super Maramu’s and have something between 30,000 and 40,000 miles, not a lot, in this model and have sold well over 250 Super Maramus when new and used examples are combined. I also acted as a liaison with the Amel Shipyard during this time for technical assistance to the Amel owners who wanted our help. This brief resume is not to be boastful but to illustrate some familiarity with the product. I know and truly love these boats and have genuine enthusiasm for them.


Rather than work from memory about something that happened more than a while ago, I would urge you to link up with a knowledgeable Amel Super Maramu owner such as Bill Kinney and have a look at their basically ‘stock’ electrical systems and see the differences for yourself. Unless the boat was modified from when I saw it, quite a bit has been changed/added/removed. I am sure if you put the word out, someone nearby will be happy to have you come aboard. I mention Bill Kinney as he is exceptionally knowledgeable.


All Amel boats have a floating/full earth return/isolated negative DC electrical system. Of course this means all the electricity comes out of the batteries, goes to the component requiring power, and then back to the batteries directly. It is a closed system much like one would find on an aluminum or steel boat.  Again, rather than a point by point breakdown that may not be accurate, go have a look at an unmodified example and, with your background, the differences will be obvious.


When I sell a used Amel to a customer, I tell them to hide their credit card and checkbook for a year and just use and enjoy their “new to them’ Amel and gain an appreciation for the way Captain Amel intended things to be. He was a man of strong convictions and I had a tremendous respect for him when he was here with us. Quite a unique guy, to say the very least. I strongly suggest that they change nothing for this year of familiarization other than doing required maintenance and upgrades to safety equipment. Hug and kiss your boat for a while before any heavy breathing ensues. Better decisions are made with familiarity. The best investment you can make after purchasing a used Amel is to take Bill Rouse’s Amel School. I have his syllabus and it is extraordinary.


Again, I apologize for calling you a know it all. I am sure you have forgotten more about electricity than I will ever know.


All The Best, Joel


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