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Ken Powers <sailingaquarius@...>

Hello All,

I was hoping that someone could tell me the length of the two high pressure hoses.  I have a SM2K built in 1999 and have the standard Dessalator water maker.   

Do they all have the 3/8 inch JIC fittings?  

I had my water maker serviced in St. Thomas (not happy with the service) and saw that the fittings were pitted.  The person doing the install just torqued it down until the leak stopped.  From the sounds the earlier post stating the correct torque of 17 to 19 pounds,  I should probably be looking to replace the high pressure hoses also.  

Is Trinidad a good place to get the hoses, or should I get them made in the US before returning to the boat in Trinidad?


Ken Powers
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That is what they were on 387 when new. 


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I have tried to find a source locally for food grade hose clad in the stainless steel cover , but have not been able to find it. Is there someplace I could order/purchase this hose ? The fitting has a bad leak .
Pat SM#123

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