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Hi Bill and Judy:
Thanks, Let me use this opportunity to put into the record my response to an email I
received from Bill Melbourne inquiring about where I purchased my overhaul kit:

Hi Bill:

Yes, I purchased the overhaul kit from AB Marine, Their contact information is listed on the
Overhaul Instructions Sheet and is:

AB Marine, Inc, 747 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown, RI 02842
Tele: 401-847-7960, Fax 401-849-0631
Email: www.

They were very helpful. I purchased only their "peg spanner" and only did so after
inquiring about what tools I would need. The "tab spanner" isn't really necessary as I was
able to remove the tab locking screw by tapping on it with a punch. The locking nut was
the largest hurdle, so I would recommend that you purchase or make a locking nut
spanner. When you call AB marine ask them about tools and purchase what they have
available. I would buy the four pin peg spanner if they have it available. Their two pin peg
spanner was rather inadequate, and I let them know that. Be prepared for a bit of sticker
shock. The overhaul kit is about $500 USD.

Hope this helps. PS Purchase a set (3) of locking nuts (item 5), they are not included in
the overhaul kit.


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Thanks again...we are really glad that your SM2 is slightly older than
ours...that way we get to follow your very detailed experiences.


Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387
docked at Shelter Bay Marina Panama

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