[Amel Yacht Owners] Best trade wind rig for an Amel 55

Eric Freedman

I hate to be a party pooper. I feel that rally’s gives one a false sense of security.

If you are attending for the camaraderie , then that’s good.


If you feel that someone is going to help you out in the middle of a long passage, I would not count on it.

I have sailed Kimberlite somewhere between 73-76,000 miles and have never been in a rally. I have heard of disastrous happenings on the radio from rallies. A benefit is weather routing.


My friend Eric Forsyth just left  NY for the Azores having already logged 375,000 miles on his home made 42 footer. He is 85 years young. I asked what he did about weather routing and he said “I just go out and deal with it”. You might check out his website www.yachtfiona.com. He has never sailed in a rally. 2 circumnavigations the Antarctic 3 times, Northwest passage and more.


I would rather be 101% prepared before leaving a port and sailing  on my own.

I have made many long passages sometimes singlehanded.


I guess to each his own.

I just remember being the last person to speak to Triple Stars before the wife died. They were in the NARC rally. There were fast Swans in the rally and the slowest was Triple Stars a Pacific Seacraft they were 190 miles from the leader and 80 miles from the nearest NARC member


I recall one brother drowning on an ARC because he was over the side and could not disconnect from his harness.


There was Stars and  Stripes sailing just west of me and was lost with all hands.


Numerous boats have hit whales and had to jury rig things to make it home. I remember a boat with a red sail and  a sail number 666, lost and never heard of again. There are others , but I cannot remember.


Fortunately you can hit a whale without much, if any damage to your boat- we did off of Grand Canaria.

You might look at the ORC category 1 monohull rules for your boats passage.


I wish you good luck on your passage.


I would also highly recommend that you have a Jordan Series Drogue on hand made by the originator Ace Sailmakers in Connecticut. It is a lifesaver in extreme weather. I sailed through a hurricane with it.


Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376




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Agree 100% about going with Jimmy Cornell, Last year we sailed a rally called the Barbados 50 but now the Canary Rally I think, we were ca 30 boats sailing all Canary Islands and the Cape Verde together. It was very nice indeed and we got many cruising friends that we now and then sail together with. Very good value for money, we all agree to that and almost all participants after the finish said that this was one the best thing so fare ever.

When we crossed we sailed more than 70% of the time with pooled out Genua and Balooner. We were first monohull and beat many multihull, only performance multihull faster than us.

Paul on SY Kerpa SM259 now in Newport


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