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Thanks Eric, please see comments in your text. Gavin


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We bought a 1400-1500 sq.  foot gennaker.

Once we had great trade winds we flew it non stop for 7 days. I had it made out of heavier material 1.5 oz instead of the normal .75 oz We were able to fly it up to 30 knots true. Wow! How about the main, mizzen and forward staysail? Did you use any of these other sails together with the gennaker?

Much of the time we were surfing near and above 10 knots. I have a photo of the knot meter going down a big wave at over 19 knots. What my old shipmate Don Street calls “A Nantucket sleigh ride”! I think we crossed in either 15 or 16 days from Grand Canaria-Puerto Mogan to Guadeloupe.

Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite

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> Gavin Agree 100% about going with Jimmy Cornell, Last year we
> sailed a rally called the Barbados 50 but now the Canary Rally I
> think, we were ca 30 boats sailing all Canary Islands and the
> Cape Verde together. It was very nice indeed and we got many
> cruising friends that we now and then sail together with. Very
> good value for money, we all agree to that and almost all
> participants after the finish said that this was one the best
> thing so fare ever.
> When we crossed we sailed more than 70% of the time with pooled
> out Genua and Balooner. We were first monohull and beat many
> multihull, only performance multihull faster than us.
> Paul on SY Kerpa SM259 now in Newport

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