Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Best trade wind rig for an Amel 55

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 You said, "We were thinking of poling-out the genoa to windward and using the Code 0 on the other side when not blanketed by the main."

I have done this on a SM and it works fine...if the main blankets, furl the main and you will speed can use the mizzen if the wind is forward of 150 degrees and using the mizzen in this configuration does help reduce roll.

I should have mentioned that Jimmy Cornell is a friend and I could be prejudiced, but when you analyze the two Atlantic crossing rallies that Jimmy Cornell founded, The ARC and The Atlantic Odyssey, the only reason to pay $$$+ more for the ARC is if you like racing and don't mind being 1 of 275+ boats. That said, you and I both know that if two are more boats are in sight of each other, a race will probably begin. Jimmy emphasizes safety, families, and cruising. The ARC is more of a race.


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