Hot water expansion tank, Sulajon

jfolino901 <jfolino901@...>

Has anyone found all the tank water gone without a reason? I did today.
It turns out my 750 liters leaked from a hole in the expansion tank
into tghe bilge which while I sailed along oblivious to the problem,
only to find the water pump running when I got to port. I checked the
water tank, found it to be empty?? How? I ran the water maker, made
some water & ran the water pump. Seeing a flow of water I searched and
found a hole in the expansion. I disconnected the expansion tank, stuck
a tapered wooden plug into the hose, made more water, turned the water
pump on & water pressure.
As for the tank, I'll get one.

What is the downside of no expansion tank? Any suggestions short term?

John Folino

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