Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Best trade wind rig for an Amel 55

Bob Grey

Hi Gavin, I have a 55 

In answer to your questions.

You need to re tension the pole down haul ropes (3) after setup as they stretch, then the pole moves and chafes the genoa sheets. The pole should be tensioned with its halliard to keep it stable and not move.

If your running downwind 150-210deg then put the mizzen away it just cuts flow to the main or Genoa.

I rarely use the staysail, but when I need it 45+knots tacking to windward, the running back stay really needs to be tightened by winch, don't rethink the Amel design.

The staysail is your storm jib.

The most obvious is that the heat exchanger plates on the bottom of the boat have been painted or antifouled.

Bob Grey
Renaissance 3

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 19:24, Gavin Shaw gavingilmorelodge@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:


We hope to cross this year with the ARC on an Amel 55 from 2012.


We are completely new to the boat and have not sailed an Amel before. We would therefore really appreciate advice from Amel 55 owners with ocean experience, particularly on these topics.

1.       The ideal trade wind rig with the apparent wind below 15 knots and the best reduced sail plan with a stronger wind. In addition to the standard cutter rig we have a cruising chute and a Code 0 on board.

2.       Any tips on setting up the pole for long term running to minimise chafe and wear on the pole and fittings?

3.       How best to rig a preventer on the mizzen boom when running?

4.       Should we consider a mizzen staysail, if so how best to rig it on the 55 which doesn’t seem to be set up for one?

5.       When should we use the forward staysail and whether it is safe to rig the running backstays with a tackle and integral jamming cleat like a sailing dinghy mainsheet? (To avoid blocking the secondary winch on the windward side)

6.       I don’t think we have a storm jib or trysail but imagine we should use the forward staysail and deeply reefed main in heavy weather. Do we need additional heavy weather sails?

7.       Our fridge and freezer are not working properly. The freezer struggles to reach -5C and the fridge achieves no cooling at all.They are Frigoboat units with keel coolers, made by Veco. The boat is currently in Golfe Juan where the local service company seem unable to fix them. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks for experienced input on any of these topics.


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