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John Clark

Hi Mark and Jennifer,

    Congratulations on your purchase!   You will not be disappointed in the Amel.  As others have said and more will tell you in the coming days, try to stay as Amel as possible.  There are a lot of “Amelisms” that appear to not make sense until you spend some time on the boat. 


I recommend highly that you contact Bill Rouse and have him come to your boat and give you hands-on lessons about your new SM.  He has a fabulous textbook prepared for the  SM that is worth a million dollars.  


We are just down the coast from you cruising the Pamlico Sound at the moment.  Do you plan to do some sailing perhaps we could meet up.


            Regards,  John


John Clark

SV Annie SM 37

Cruising Pamlico Sound

On Sat, Aug 26, 2017 at 9:23 AM, Mark Garver mgarver@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hi everyone! My wife and I just closed on our first Amel Super Maramu, "It's Good" and are very excited to be a part of the "cult" of Amel owners. We are from Texas, just north of Houston and have been looking for our blue water boat for a while now, and kept coming back to Amel. When we began this search there was an abundance of them available, and now when you look the inventory has been greatly reduced. We are currently moving things aboard, pulling everything out to clean and to inventory. I found out about the forum via some friends on Cruisers Forum, and had been reading the posts and joined shortly after my wife and I visited VA to look at a potential SM on Memorial Day this year. Much as it was when I met my wife... as soon as I saw her I knew it was the vessel! As with when my wife met me, she needed time for It's Good to grow on her (Only took a weekend)! Thank you all for making this decision even easier for us and we look forward to being in this community with y'all.

Mark and Jennifer
S/V It's Good
Amel SM #105

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