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I am not sure how the 55 is configured but I have a couple of tips.


I remove the float switch. I put about 2 cups of bleach into the bilge and fill it to the top. I let it sit for most of the day. This will loosen any soap scum etc. You could also use bilge cleaner fluid. I use a toilet brush attached to a longer stick to scrub the sides. I then connect the wires together to activate the the bilge pump (the wires that attach to the switch on the float). This will pump out the water. I use a shop vac with a long tube to suck up any larger bits and completely dry the bilge. Sometimes I have to fluch a couple of times using a fresh water hose.


This is a good time to eye the copper wire that connects to the keel bolt to ensure all is okay. Then, I replace the float switch.


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I am new to Amels and would like to understand best practices how to keep the bilge clean. On the A55 it seems very difficult to really scrub the bilge - for one, all the hoses need to come out, in addition to the tube with the float switch and only a contortionist can really reach all the places. I am thinking about getting a pressure washer to make things easier. Or are there chemicals one can use to dissolve the slime of soap and organic waste that seems to accumulate on the tube and hoses? Standard bilge cleaner seems to do nothing. Many thanks!

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